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The all-vanadium redox flow battery carries out electrochemical reactions by circulating vanadium electrolytes of different valence states through the electrodes, thereby realizing the mutual conversion between chemical energy and electric energy. The vanadium redox flow battery consists of a stack, vanadium electrolyte barrel, circulating pump, pipeline, and battery management system. The stack is composed of single cells in series. The monolithic battery is composed of ion exchange membrane, electrode, conductive plate, liquid flow frame plate and sealing ring. The electrode is made of graphite felt, installed in the flow frame plate, located between the ion exchange membrane and the conductive plate. The lower and upper parts of the liquid flow frame plate are respectively provided with vanadium electrolyte inlet and outlet branch channels.
Under the action of the circulating pump pressure, the vanadium electrolyte in the barrel flows into the stack through the main flow channel of the liquid inlet, and after the flow channel of the liquid inlet branch at the lower part of the monolithic battery flow frame plate is evenly divided, it is uniform from bottom to top It flows through the microporous flow channel of the monolithic battery electrode for electrochemical reaction. The reacted vanadium electrolyte flows uniformly through the outlet branch flow channel on the upper part of the monolithic battery flow frame plate and flows out of the stack, and then passes through the main outlet The runner flows back into the barrel. The electrochemical reaction, standard electrode potential and standard electromotive force of the vanadium redox flow battery are as follows:
standard electrode potential and standard electromotive force Principle of the flow battery

Technical Specifications(Reference Standard):

Index of flow battery

Advantages and Market Application prospect of Vanadium battery:

1,Independent power and energy: Unlike traditional rechargeable batteries, vanadium batteries are highly efficient rechargeable fuel cells. The active material is stored in the electrolyte barrel outside the vanadium battery stack, so its power and energy are independently adjustable.
2,High power and high energy: increasing the number of vanadium battery stacks can increase the power of vanadium batteries at will. The power of vanadium batteries in commercial demonstration operations in Japan, Ireland, the United States, and China has reached MW level; increase vanadium battery electrolyte The energy of the vanadium battery can be increased arbitrarily, reaching the GWh level.
3,High energy efficiency: the electrode reaction of the vanadium battery is a full liquid phase reaction, and the electrode polarization is small; the positive active material v(V)/V(IV) and the negative active material V(III)/V(II) of the vanadium battery are stored separately In the positive and negative electrolyte barrels outside the vanadium battery stack, the self-discharge loss of the positive and negative active materials is avoided. The charge and discharge energy conversion efficiency of vanadium batteries can reach more than 80%.
4,Instantly rechargeable: The vanadium battery can be fully charged instantly by replacing the pre-charged electrolyte.
5,Fast response speed: The vanadium battery can be started instantly, the charge and discharge switch is less than 20ms, and the response speed is less than 1ms.
6,Long cycle life: The active material of the vanadium battery exists in the electrolyte, and the electrolyte has unlimited life. There is no phase change common to other batteries during charging and discharging, and the battery is not damaged by 100% deep discharge or even positive and negative reverse charging.
7.High safety and reliability: There is no potential explosion or fire hazard for vanadium batteries, even if the fully charged positive and negative electrolytes are directly mixed, there is no danger, but the temperature of the electrolyte increases by 20~30℃.
8,Low lifetime cost: Most of the components of the vanadium battery stack are cheap carbon materials and engineering plastics. The materials are rich in sources and easy to recycle. No precious metals are needed as electrocatalysts. The vanadium battery electrolyte has an unlimited service life. The lifetime cost of vanadium batteries is much lower than traditional lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.
9,The site selection has great freedom, fully automatic closed operation, environmental protection and pollution-free, simple maintenance and low operating costs.

Technical Advantage:

Our company has internationally leading patented technology and important achievements in all-vanadium redox flow battery perfluorinated ion membranes, electrodes, stacks, electrolytes, and vanadium battery system modularization, and has huge technical advantages.
 Our company pioneered the production of perfluorinated ion membrane by solution casting method in the world. The technical process is simple, the production equipment is cheap, the regeneration and recycling of perfluorinated ion membrane can be realized, the membrane cost is low, the crystallinity is high, and the tensile modulus is large. , Isotropy, long life, is the ideal choice for vanadium batteries, fuel cells, ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers!
 Our company produces high-performance vanadium electrolyte with unique formula, high conductivity, wide working temperature (-30~60℃), no heat exchanger, good stability, less vanadium ion migration during charge and discharge, and small liquid level changes , It solves the problem of balance and energy attenuation of the positive and negative electrolytes, and is an ideal choice for vanadium batteries!
 Our company uses world-leading perfluorinated ion membranes, high-performance vanadium electrolytes, high-active electrodes, new low-current resistance, low self-discharge, high-energy-efficiency stack structure and full-system modular technology to produce vanadium batteries with flow resistance. Low, low resistance, high current density, high power density, wide operating temperature, no need for heat exchangers, high energy efficiency, high degree of modularity, low production cost, long service life, and full life cost much lower than lead acid, lithium batteries, etc. Traditional batteries are the best choice for photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, smart grid, valley power peak use, distributed power stations, communication base stations, UPS/EPS, transportation and military!

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