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membrane electrode assembly

The membrane electrode assembly MEA is the core part of hydrogen generator electrolytic cell and fuel cell, which has the characteristics of light weight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

As shown in picture, the middle part is a perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane. Through our company’s unique pretreatment and hot-pressing process, the nano-level composite precious metal catalyst and the proton exchange membrane are integrated into one piece, and finally made into a highly active zero-pole distance catalytic MEA (as shown in picture), the MEA has the advantages of stable film formation quality, high electrolysis efficiency, and long service life.

MEA membrane electrode assembly

Technical Specifications of MEA for Hydrogen Generator:



Voltage (V)


Current Density (A/cm²)


Water Temperature (℃)


Water Resistivity (MΩ/cm)


Applications of MEA Membrane Electrode Assembly:

1, Used for Hydrogen Fuel Cell
2, Used for electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen
3, Used for Rich-hydrogen water cup
4, Used for electrolyzer

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