Professional Perfluorinated Ion-Exchange Membrane(PIEM) and Homogeneous Ion-Exchange Membrane manufacturer in China

Our ionic membranes have been used in more than 1000 application cases:
  • Our cation exchange membrane (CEM), anion exchange membrane (AEM), and bipolar membrane (BPEM).are used for the electrodialysis and bipolar membrane electrodialysis
  • Our Perfluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membranes are used for vanadium batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen production from electrolytic water, chlorine dioxide generator, copper recovery from etching the solution, gold salt preparation, electrodialysis, and other fields.
  • Our Chlor-alkali membranes are used for the production of NaOH and Cl2 from NaCl
  • Our homogeneous and heterogeneous ion exchange membranes are used for the EDI(electro deionization) and electroosmosis.
bipolar membrane electrodialysis Chlor-alkali-industry
Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis Chlor-Alkali Industry
Vanadium Redox flow Battery electrolyzed oxidizing water generator
Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Generator
water-electrolytic making hydrogen equipment Fuel cell
Hydrogen Electrolysis Cell Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Generator
ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer Electrodialysis
Ion-exchange Membrane Electrolyzer Electrodialysis

Our Mission

Continuously provide the Ion-Exchange Membrane with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Green Energy and Electrodialysis Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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