General Automatic Small Electrodialysis Experimental Equipment


The general-purpose, self-controlled, small-scale electrodialysis is an experimental machine independently developed by our company. Its core component is a homogeneous membrane / bipolar membrane stack, which is mainly composed of a bipolar membrane, a homogeneous anion exchange membrane, a homogeneous cation exchange membrane, and a separator. The equipment can be used to achieve the concentration and desalination of salt solutions, using the salt solution to produce the acid solution and alkali solution.

The Small-scale Electrodialysis device Introduction

The universal automatic electrodialysis experimental equipment, mainly used for experimental research, the main body is the membrane stack, and the core components are bipolar membrane, anion membrane, cation membrane and separator.
  • A single processing capacity of 3 ~ 10L can be used for technical and economic feasibility studies;
  • The device is beautiful, compact, and portable, with a small footprint and can be moved at will;
  • The device is easy to operate and can be started with one click;
  • The membrane stack is detachable as a whole, and the membrane can be replaced as required;
  • Concentration concentration can reach more than 200g / L, which is twice as high as the conventional membrane concentration process, which is effective to reduce the volume of concentrated water;
  • Electrically driven ions have high efficiency and low energy consumption in high salt environment;
  • Uncharged substances such as borate, silicic acid, COD, etc. will not migrate, and the obtained industrial salt is more pure;
  • The equipment is a universal experimental device for homogeneous membrane and bipolar membrane.

Technical Specifications(Reference Standard):

Scientific research and experiment
External Dimension mm
Membrane Size mm
Number of Membrane Groups
Active Area mm2
Flow Velocity cm/s
Operating Voltage V
Operating Current A
Circulating Flow L/h

The requirement of feed water

Water Temperature ℃
COD mg/L
Chlorine mg/L
Fe mg/L
Mn mg/L
Turbidity mg/L
Suspended Matter mg/L
Mg, Ca mg/L
Total of Other Metal Ions mg/L
Hydrocarbon and Oil Content mg/L

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Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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