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Enhanced Ion exchange membrance

The PTFE Enhanced perfluorinated cation exchange membranes are reinforced films based on PTFE, we produce the cation exchange membranes with the new casting method, the casting process can be combined with doping technology,after PTFE-reinforced mesh reinforcement, the strength is greatly increased and the swelling rate is lower, The PTFE Enhanced perfluorinated cation exchange membranes are Particularly suitable for use as a solid electrolyte membrane in electrolyzers, water treatment, electrodialysis, electrolytic gold cyanide potassium, and so on.

Technical Specifications(Reference Standard):

Testing Method
Linear expansion rate
1%  ( 23℃, from 50% RH to water soaked )
Water content
25±5% ( 100℃, 1h )
Electrical conductivity
0.1 S/cm
Operating temperature
PH value
1--14 C
Acid Capacity
1.0 meq/g

1, SY14P
2, SY15P


The PTFE enhanced Membrane are widely used in chlor-alkali industries, electro-dialysis, recovery of copper from etching solutions, synthesis for gold potassium cyanide, chlorine dioxide, and electrochemical reaction for amino acid. The membrane performs as a conducting separator and solid electrolyte in a variety of electrochemical cells which require the membrane to selectively transport cations across the cell junction.
The membranes are reinforced membranes based on chemically stable perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) copolymer. Incorporation of the PTFE mesh reinforcement improves the mechanical property of the composite membrane and allows the membrane to restrict its swelling. The membranes show significant improvements in features such as better resistance to chemical attack and longer operating durability under electrolyzing cell conditions.

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