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Perfluorinated ion exchange membrane

Cation exchange membranes are selective membranes of cations, usually sulfonic acid type, with immobilised groups and cleavable ions. For example, the sodium-type sulfonic acid-type immobilisation group is sulfonate, and the dissociation ion is sodium ion. . The cation exchange membrane can be regarded as a kind of polymer electrolyte. Since the positive membrane is negatively charged, although the original dissociated positive ion is dissociated into the water by the action of water molecules, it is energized by the electric field outside the membrane and is positively charged. The cations can pass through the positive film, while the anions cannot pass because of homosexual rejection, so they have selective permeability.
The perfluorinated cation exchange membranes are produced with the new casting method, the casting process can be combined with doping technology,we add new fluororesin mixing formula with good vanadium resistance in the casting process, the Ion-Exchange Membrane has high tensile strength, isotropic, high electrical conductivity, good chemical properties, and so on.

Technical Specifications(Reference Standard):

Testing Method
Linear expansion rate
2%  ( 23℃, from 50% RH to water soaked )
Tensile mstrength
38 MPa  ( 23℃, 50% RH, Isotropy)
Tensile strength
38 MPa  ( 23℃, 50% RH, Isotropy)
Water content
45±5% ( 100℃, 1h )
Electrical conductivity
0.09 S/cm
Elongation at break

Thickness and Weight:


Remarks:The thickness is approximate number, we do not assure absolute precision. Please contact with our salesman if special thickness is requested.


The Ion-Exchange Membrane SY-13P is fluorine proton exchange membrane reinforeced by tetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane which improves the stability and strength of the proton exchange membrane size.
Our Perfluorinated Ion-Exchange Membrane SY-13P is particularly suitable for use as a solid electrolyte membrane in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, water electrolyzers,vanadium cells, electrolytic cells, electrodialysis, electrochemical sensors, and so on.


Our Perfluorinated Ion-Exchange Membrane has sheet and continuous roll:
Sheet material standard size:600mm*600mm;800mm*800mm;1000mm*1000mm
Continuous Roll: 800mm width and 680mm with continuous roll
We can also provide special customized size according to your requirement.
Standard packing is packaging the PIEM in plastic drum or bucket.

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Continuously provide the Ion-Exchange Membrane with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Green Energy and Electrodialysis Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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