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PTFE Enhanced Perfluorinated ion exchange membrane for Chlor-alkali

Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ion-Exchange Membrane SY15P Reinforced by PTFE

Technical Specifications(Reference Standard):

Physical Properties


Pinholes >50um  


Folding Resistance – Horizontal (times)


Folding Resistance –Vertical (times)


Breaking Strength - Horizontal (N)


Breaking Strength - Vertical (N)


Tear Resistance – Horizontal (N)


Tear Resistance –Vertical (N)


Bursting Strength (MPa)


Surface Resistance  (Ω·cm2)


Peel Strength (MPa)


Thickness and Weight:


The Ion-Exchange Membrane SY-15P is mainly used in chlor-alkali electrolyzer
Chlor-alkali membrane is produced with sacrificial core material, suitable for 30-32% caustic soda production.
Chlor-alkali membrane is suitable for running bars with high current density.
Chlor-alkali membrane has higher tolerance to salt water impurities


standard size: 1500*2460 mm
The membrane pieces or rolls can be cut to non-standard sizes, please contact our sales staff for details and availability.

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Continuously provide the Ion-Exchange Membrane with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Green Energy and Chlor-Alkali Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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